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Gadget Gerbil Blue / USB Portable Telescopic Folding Floor Fan
Gadget Gerbil Pink / USB Portable Telescopic Folding Floor Fan
Gadget Gerbil White / USB Portable Telescopic Folding Floor Fan

USB Rechargeable Portable Height Adjustable Fan



1. Low operating noise: 13-23±5(db)
2. Washable design: easy to clean
3. Foldable storage: easy to transport.
4.7200mAh large capacity battery.
5. Infrared remote control: easy to use.
6. Rechargeable battery, high degree of autonomy.
7. Multi-angle swing and flip function: realize the locking and positioning of the rocker at any angle of 90°; the fan head rotates 180°.

Safety Precautions:
1. Please confirm the scope of use of this product and the limited installation place, and behaviors that violate public order are prohibited.
2. Do not place this product on an uneven table or floor to avoid falling damage.
3. Do not use the power supply beyond the load range of the product, otherwise it may cause the product to heat up and the circuit board to burn out.
4. Do not disassemble or modify this product by yourself.
5. Do not hit or throw this product, it is easy to cause internal problems.
6. Do not place the product in a cool and humid place.
7. Do not throw the product into the fire, keep away from the fire source.

Product information
Power supply mode: USB
Product Features: Multifunctional
Noise: 36-45db
Rated voltage: DC5V/2A
Rated power: 1.3-4.8 W
Rated frequency: 5v
Shaking your head way: shaking your head up and down
Stop automatically when falling: support
Gross weight: 1.5㎏
Packing volume: 23x14.7x23.5
Color: white, pink, blue


Product folding size: 250*250*125mm
Stretching size: 250*250*1013mm

Packing list

1*USB cable
1*remote control
1*English manual