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Gadget Gerbil Solar Powered Butterfly Pool Light
Gadget Gerbil Solar Powered Butterfly Pool Light

Solar Powered Butterfly Pool Light


    - Solar-powered light, 7 color changing LED, water floating lights, dragonfly or butterfly ornament
    - Easy to use, automatic charging during the day, automatic lighting at night.
    - Environmentally friendly, very energy-saving, it uses solar energy, no wires or maintenance.
    - Great for decorating or gift. Very good used in bedroom, home, bars,
    cafes, restaurants, wedding, party and other romantic places
    - Perfect for outdoor garden pool, fountain and pond use, very convenient and beautiful.

    Type: Solar Landscape Light
    Protection level: IP44
    Light source type: LDE gradient color light
    Rated power: 0.08 (W)
    Voltage: 1.2 (V)
    Sunshine time: 5 (h)
    Dimensions: 125 (mm)
    Uses: garden decoration, pond decoration
    Specification classification: water float lamp-dragonfly, water float lamp-butterfly
    Switch type: Inductive

    Package Content:
    1*Solar Led Float Lamp

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