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Gadget Gerbil Remote Control Flying Shark
Gadget Gerbil Remote Control Flying Shark
Gadget Gerbil Remote Control Flying Shark

Remote Control Flying Shark

$34.99 $50.00

Did you ever think that balloons would ever have an upgrade? Neither did we but look at how awesome this Remote Control Flying Shark is!

There is no other toy that is on this level! You might be thinking "well it's a balloon, what if it pops immediately?"

Don't worry! This flying shark balloon is not made from regular rubber material. It's mixed in with strong materials in order to endure longer

Product Highlight

  • LARGE SHARK: This flying shark balloon is measured at about 57in x 36in

  • REMOTE CONTROL: With the infrared remote control you can move this shark in a full 360 degree motion for up to a 40ft range

  • BUILT TO LAST: The flying shark balloon can stay afloat for about 1-3 weeks depending on how much helium is left inside. It won't pop easily like regular balloons either

remote control flying shark and clown fishSpecifications

  • Material:PA

  • Weight:420g

  • Size:37*27*6 cm

Package Content:

  • 1x Clown fish or Shark Balloon

  • 1x Remote Controller

  • 1x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 500 reviews
Sydnie Cronin

Remote Control Flying Shark

Elva Roob

Tres bel achat. Les enfants adore. Les points négatifs: nemo perd son helium et ne vole plus apres quelque heure. Le requin vole toujours apres 2 jours. La communication entre la manette et les poissons est tres ordinaire. Ca marche une fois sur deux.malgre tout ca, pour le prix, un jouet que je recommande

Francisco Prohaska

Very nice purchase. Kids love it. Cons: nemo loses his helium and no longer flies after an hour. The shark always flies after 2 days. The communication between the controller and the fish is very ordinary. It works once in two. Despite all that, for the price, a toy that I recommend

Sierra Runolfsson

Remote Control Flying Shark

Chris O'Connell

Remote Control Flying Shark