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Gadget Gerbil Refrigerator Sealed Bag Track Storage Hanger
Gadget Gerbil White Refrigerator Organizer Ziplock Bags
Gadget Gerbil Freshkeeping bag Refrigerator Organizer Ziplock Bags

Refrigerator Organizer Ziplock Bags


SPACE SAVER: Don't let zipper bags mess your fridge anymore. It helps you to make your refrigerator keep clean and organized from messy zipper bags!; It means you will have more space in your refrigerator.
ZIPPER BAG HOLDER: Big enough for one week meal prep!
EASY INSTALLATION: You don't need to use any tools to assemble the product. It comes fully assembled for a quick and easy install.
WIDELY USED: It can be installed in the refrigerator, or on the cabinet or shelf. It can be used for all items that need to be stored.
Made of high-quality material, not toxic.

Product Information:

Product name: Refrigerator telescopic storage bracket
Product material: ABS
Product weight: 365 grams gross (including color box)
Product size: 25*19*6CM
Packing size: 26*20*6CM

Packing list

Storage bracket*1