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Gadget Gerbil White Moon Lamp Humidifier
Gadget Gerbil White Moon Lamp Humidifier
Gadget Gerbil White Moon Lamp Humidifier
Gadget Gerbil White Moon Lamp Humidifier

3D Printed Moon Lamp Humidifier


    Material: PVC/PP+ electronic components

    Product size : 13 cm in diameter
    Product packaging: 140*140*160mm
    Style / color: white

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------

    Product parameters
    Input voltage: DC5V Operating current: 550mA
    Power consumption: 2.7W Charging input: 5V/1A
    Battery capacity: 3.7V 200 mA Spray volume: 25-35ML
    Water tank capacity: 880ML Spray duration: 25-35 hours
    Instructions for use
    Spray operation: Turn on the power, touch the metal head of the spray switch, turn on the continuous spray mode (the blue indicator light is on during the spray operation), touch again, turn on the intermittent spray mode, (spray for 3 seconds for 3 seconds), touch again to turn off the spray work. (End of the spray work blue light is off). This cycle operates.
    Night light operation: Night light operation: touch the night light control switch metal head, control and adjust the light, each time the touch converts the light color, white-yellow-warm white-off, and then cycle. At the same time, press the gold metal head to adjust the brightness of the light (long press to lighten, release and then press and darken).

    Anti-drying: Automatically power off after 10 hours of continuous spraying, and automatically power off after intermittent spraying for 20 hours. After power off, you can restart and continue to use.Humidification,Aromatherapy machine,air freshener,mist maker07moon-3_02moon-3_03moon-3_05HTB1WilrX.vrK1RjSszfq6xJNVXaF_moon-3_07moon-3_09moon-3_11USB Air Humidifier New 880ML Air Humidifier 3D Moon Lamp light Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil USB Ultrasonic Humidificador Night Cool Mist Purifiermoon-3_12moon-3_13moon-3_14moon-3_15moon-3_17moon-3_18moon-3_19


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