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Gadget Gerbil Gravity Lamp
Gadget Gerbil White Gravity Lamp
Gadget Gerbil Green Gravity Lamp
Gadget Gerbil Pink Gravity Lamp
Gadget Gerbil Purple Gravity Lamp
Gadget Gerbil Yellow Gravity Lamp

LED On and Off Gravity Switch Night Light



Open to turn off the lights look like a switch on the wall, just the lamp is on the desktop, rather than on the ground, on the wall. When using only need backward ON the lamp, the light is bright, backward OFF, lights will go out. Products use 12 leds as a light source, LED has low power consumption, long service life. The product is a big switch, convenient operation at night.

Switch type: gravity
Lampshade material: PVC
Voltage: AC 220 (V)
The average service life: 2000000 (h)
Light source type: LED lights
Transformer, electronic transformer
Light source power: 5 (W)
Light color: white, yellow light
Dimension: 192 x 96 x 100 (mm)
Lamp shape: open to turn off the lights
Built-in lithium battery, which can be used with external power supply through USB cable

Package content:
1pcs night light

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