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Gadget Gerbil Inflatable Avocado Pool Float

Inflatable Avocado Pool Float


Product Name: ice cream floating row

Product Specifications: 169 * 130CM

Product weight: 1.45kg

Material: 0.25mm plastic material body

Baby features

★ high-quality materials: the use of ultra-strong hot carbon reinforced polymer pvc, using the international advanced sewing process, completely streamlined design, according to international standards strictly tested. Convenient, smooth, non-toxic, strong buffer, the product through a rigorous pressure, wear resistance, low temperature, non-toxic test.

★ non-toxic security: the use of streamlined design, without any protrusion, to protect the safety. After the United States European non-toxic safety testing, in full compliance with strict US and European standards. You can completely like them with the choice our products.

★ beautiful and convenient: inflatable products, small size, weight is also very light, can be folded into the backpack carrying.

★ gift to share: travel, travel a must! Is also a good gift to a friend!