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Gadget Gerbil Handheld Critter Catcher and Release

Handheld Critter Catcher and Release



material: plastic
Size: approx. 65 * 13.5 * 6 cm

Spiders can easily remove spiders, bugs and other crawling insects without touching them. The long-handled spider is 65 cm (2 ft) long - safe and comfortable from the target insect. This makes it easy for those who are afraid of spiders to remove them and make sure that hard-to-reach areas are easily accessible. The hair is very gentle, it can be hygienic, painlessly catching insects such as butterflies, butterflies and dad's long legs. Aim, pull the trigger and release. A way to entertain children, humans replace spider catchers with vacuum cleaners.

Step 1. Eliminate unwanted insects,
Step 2. Place the hair on the insect to be captured and release the trigger. Bug should now take the spider sensor
Step 3 Take the spider outside the sensor and release the insect compression and release handle once the hole is released