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Gadget Gerbil S and L / Orange Adjustable Measuring Spoon
Gadget Gerbil S 2pcs / Orange Adjustable Measuring Spoon
Gadget Gerbil L 2pcs / Orange Adjustable Measuring Spoon
Gadget Gerbil S and L / Blue Adjustable Measuring Spoon
Gadget Gerbil S 2pcs / Blue Adjustable Measuring Spoon
Gadget Gerbil L 3pcs / Blue Adjustable Measuring Spoon

Adjustable Measuring Spoon

  • Lenght: 16cm
  • It allows you to measure 5ml to 30ml
  • Makes your cooking or baking quick and easy
  • It's adjustable to meet the desired measurement
  • Great to uses for cooking and baking, can be used for liquid and solid
  • With ergonomic and premium plastic design, gives you a good grip and prevents spilling.

Blue one:L: 18 * 6 * 7.2cm S: 16 * 3.8 * 4.9cm

Multi-measure: it combines c. Tsp / tsp. Soup, ML, OZ, cup in teaspoon & Tablespoon to meet your different cooking needs. The measuring range is 5ml-130ml, 0.25oz-4oz, 1/2 tsp. 9 tbsp. 1/8 cup-1/2 cup tablespoons. A wonderful combination of cooking and baking!
Combine 2 In 1: better design than other traditional measuring spoons, our spoon Combine all teaspoons and tablespoons in a practical tool. You don't need to buy more different sizes of measuring spoons to stack in your kitchen. The two spoons with magnetic snaps at the bottom, allowing the spoons to nest if stored. This creative spoon will also be a good helper in your Voyager.
Safety and non-toxic: these measuring spoons are made of high quality food grade materials, BPA free, approved by PDA, we are 100% guaranteed that they will not cause any damage to health.
Cooking like a professional: it has a comfortable and ergonomic handle. Gently push the Controller, you can combine all the teaspoons and tablespoon in one hand Tool, which can deliver precise amount each time. Very practical and Durable.

True Space Saving: There is a hanging hole on the back and a solid magnet on the bottom, it can be hung on any hook, or placed on any metal surface such as a fridge to save space in the kitchen.

A: orange S + blue S

B: orange L + blue L

C: orange S + blue L

D: orange L + blue S